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Performance-based digital marketing to

Generate leads and clients on demand

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Traffic Titans is a results-oriented digital marketing agency dedicated to helping you generate more sales and increase your revenue through battle-tested lead generation and client acquisition strategies on YouTube and the Google Ads network.

The truth is, we’re obsessed with getting results.


Profitably Spent


Leads Generated for Clients


Impressions Served


Traffic Titans is a team of highly-skilled, hand-picked traffic and creative experts who are dedicated to your success.

In fact, less than 1% of media buyers who apply to work for Traffic Titans are hired, and those who are endure an intensive 3-month training process before ever touching client ad accounts.

Our success can be attributed to two things – our creative agility and our perfected workflow which we call “The Titan Proven Process.”

We work under one culture with one mission – to empower others to live exceptional lives.

So why work with



Agile creative

Our creative process is your secret weapon for engaging audiences and turning clicks into customers.

This allows us to aggressively test creative over the life of your campaign in order to squeeze every bit of ROI out of your spend.


Certified experts

Our team comprises some of the industry’s top experts in YouTube advertising, direct response advertising, and creative production.

In fact, our company’s founders are AdSkills course instructors, AdSkills contest champions, and Addy award winners.


Our process

Anyone can run YouTube ads. What separates amateurs from the pros is a proven process for launching new, successful campaigns.

Our 9-step process is the result of millions of dollars spent – and has become the ultimate system for scaling our clients’ offers.

What real clients 

are saying

“The hardest part about endorsing Traffic Titans is everything I want to tell you about them is so unbelievable. Their numbers are so large, average ad buyers don’t even think that level is possible. Yet, I’ve seen it first hand. I’ve personally worked on ad campaigns with them and they have even been an affiliate of mine and I watched as they ran past all my other affiliates like they were standing still. Traffic Titans is in the top 1% for sure and I easily give them my fullest endorsement.”

Justin Brooke
Founder, AdSkills

“Traffic Titans is an incredible digital marketing company. They specialize in marketing financial newsletters, which is what we do here at Legacy Research Group. Just in the last 12 months, Traffic Titans have generated over 100,000+ orders for us. They mainly run on networks so they are hypersensitive and focused on compliance across all major ad networks. It’s a no-brainer to partner with them.”

Nick Rodriguez
Affiliate Manager, Legacy Research

“Working with Traffic Titans has been a dream. The media buying team is dedicated, very easy to work with and extremely hard-working. They wrote and produced their own video content for our offers all of which have done very well AND they didn’t put additional work on our creative teams. They’ve successfully scaled several of our offers, which is quite a feat especially on YouTube.”

Sally Holton
Affiliate Manager, InvestorPlace Media

Fill your pipeline with leads

New Client Criteria

  • Must be an 8+ figure online business
  • Must be B2C
  • Must already be spending at least $100,000/mo on advertising (somewhere- search, Facebook, tv, email…)
  • Must be willing to commit at least $35,000/mo on YouTube & Google