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Join our growing collective of hackers, innovators,
and problem solvers

Our Core Values

Embody servant leadership

We believe leadership isn’t about a title, it comes from a selfless desire to serve and uplift others.

Have an insatiable hunger for success

We strive to live exceptionally. We are pulled, not pushed, by the vision.

See problems as opportunities

We create value for others by solving problems.

Have a ‘whatever it takes’ mentality

We take initiative and act with urgency to move the needle forward.

Detest mediocrity and pursue excellence

We insist on a job well done and believe excellence is our duty.

Crave learning and personal growth

We realize we’re only limited by what we don’t know and seek to constantly level up.

Be immensely resourceful

We make the most of our time, our assets, our energy, and tools.

Show bullet proof resilience

We will not be deterred and instead, remain persistent and diligent.

Manifest a positive attitude

We thrive on synergy and seek to elevate others in spirit and humility.

Stay laser-focused

We focus our energy on what’s most important for best results.

Perks of the Job

401K Plans

Investing in your financial future is important, and that’s why we offer 401K contributions to help our employees and their families meet their financial goals for retirement.

Fun is Encouraged

Coming to work shouldn’t feel like a hassle. We provide comfortable seating areas for reading, a ping pong table, and spaces to decompress and step away from the desk. Think of it as your home away from home.

Advanced Training Opportunities

Becoming a G.O.A.T requires ample amounts of training. We regularly invest in advanced training opportunities to help you level up and achieve more much faster.

Free Snacks

We provide our team with a variety of healthy snacks and drink options to help you overcome the midday slump and fuel your focus.

Espresso Bar

Replenish your energy with gourmet espresso from the Titan Espresso Bar. Our espresso bar is fully stocked with milk and a variety of flavored syrups for crafting your favorite lattes.

Company Events & Happy Hours

We plan fun and exciting events multiple times throughout the year!  Previous events include kayaking in an underground cave and watching professional sports games in our corporate suite.

Ready to become a Titan?

Check out these opportunities at our Lexington, Kentucky office:

There are no current openings. Please check back.